About the GED® Test

The General Education Development (GED®) test can allow you demonstrate that you have the skills and knowledge comparable to a high school degree. Every year, hundreds of thousands of adults take the GED® test in order to get jobs, further their careers, earn promotions, or qualify for education or training, such as at a career college. Passing this exam earns you a certificate that the vast majority of colleges, training schools, and employers in the nation recognize to be the equivalent of a high school diploma.

Over one million people take the GED® Exam every year worldwide, and of these, about 70% pass. The average age of GED® test-takers is over 24 (over 30 in Canada) and almost three-fourths of test-takers are over age 19, proving that it is never too late to receive the recognition and the consequent benefits of the GED® test.

Why Choose to Take the GED® Test?

The GED® test is highly regarded by both colleges and employers. In fact, the American Council on Education (ACE) reports that nearly all the employers throughout the nation are prepared to offer the same benefits, wages, and opportunities for advancement to GED® graduates as they are to regular high school graduates. The GED® test is referred to as a "high school equivalency" test.

One of the authors of this present web site took her GED® exam and went on to achieve straight A's in college, graduating with a 4.0! It is estimated that approximately two-thirds of people who choose to take the GED® test do so to work towards degrees, whether they be in trade, business, or technical education. A recent study showed that the majority of those passing the GED® test saw improvements in their employment status, financial success and even in their psychological and physical health after passing the exam!

The following lessons are meant to help you succeed in the exam through familiarizing you with the test's basic format and highlighting the essential material that will be tested. In addition this study guide will introduce you to some simple strategies and test taking tips that can drastically improve your overall score. These will help you to get through questions, even when you have no idea what the answer should be, show you how to pace yourself, and teach you how to avoid common mistakes that many GED® test takers make.

Sample test questions and practice exams are included -- it is very important that you utilize these questions in your preparation. Taking practice exams will get you used to the time constraints and the order of the actual exam, and help you to assess how much more preparation you may need. This site offers excellent test questions to prepare for your GED® test online. Do your best with these--read through the lessons, and good luck!

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