Online GED® Practice Test: Achieve 450 with Ease

The 2002 GED® test mentions that of a total score of 2,250, candidates have to attain a minimum of 410 on each test. Along with this, they also have to score an overall average of 450 in the five combined tests to receive a GED® diploma. The examination is calculated in percentile and each question is worth one point. For every individual test, the points are added up and converted into an average score, which may range from 200 to 800. To achieve a “passing” score, you have to answer 60%-65% of the questions correctly, and to meet and exceed this percentile would benefit you to take an online GED® practice test.

Online GED® Practice Test: Benefits
The online GED® practice test has proved to be beneficial for hundreds of thousands of students studying for this examination. These practice tests offer you an ideal opportunity to compete and improve your GED® scores. The online practice courses will prove especially useful to you if your timetable does not permit you to attend classes in person. For this, you need to conduct online research to look for websites providing this resource and enroll as early as possible.

Practice tests also offer valuable insight into the test structure as well as the multiple choice answers for the GED® exam. This can help students strategize, which becomes the key to their success, since anxiety levels and testing times are both reduced through your newly-gained knowledge.

Research has proven that applicants who participate in the GED® preparation courses are able to enhance their scores a great deal more than others who do not follow this policy. It reduces the chances of having to repeat the test again.

It is recommended that you take these tests that are free of cost. This way, you do not invest more money than what is required for the actual GED® exam or waste money in case of failure. You can try these free tests again and again until you have developed ways to achieve your desired score. Although these practice tests do not offer a real GED® certificate, they are great aids to building your career as a future college student or employee.

Online GED® Practice Test: Start Right Now!
Before beginning of the online GED® practice test, you have to submit your enrollment profile accurately and completely. In the enrollment form, you need to fill out a few important questions, but signing up will not take more than 3-5 minutes. You can also choose the areas in which you would require training, so that we may be able to assist you in matching you with a college program after you have passed your GED®.

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One in every seven students takes the General Education Development (GED®) test as an alternative to a high school diploma. Each year, more than one million people sit for this GED® exam to improve their career opportunities and to go to college. The average age of GED® test-takers is  24 years of age, with approximately three-fourths over 19 years old. This clearly proves that you can pursue and achieve this great accomplishment and enjoy the consequent benefits at any point of time. Please make sure that you utilize this great online resource of……and why not, it’s free!

Get Your GED® prep course for Free: Is That Possible?
Yes. Our website will provide you this course ware for free. For such sites, advertising provides the revenue, not the candidate who sign’s up for the course. We partner with well-known high schools and colleges, from which you can request more information. However, there is no obligation to do so.
Also, for the GED® test you will have to contact your local certified center regarding the fees to of the state exam. These GED® exams are held nationwide, throughout the year, at select locations. The best place to access the information about GED® exams is from local schools, GED® testing centers on the internet.

Get Your GED® certificate for Free: Test and Course Facts
The exam is based around learning objectives by the General Educational Development Testing Service of the ACE or the American Council on Education.

Although you can get your GED® certificate for free, you need to know the eligibility criteria of your state. Eligibility varies according to state. Certain states require the applicant to be at least 18 years old, while others accept candidates at 16 years of age.

There are five important topic areas for GED® test:
* Language Arts, Writing
* Social Studies
* Science
* Language Arts, Reading
* Mathematics

A passing GED® test score differs from state to state as well. The general rule is that a candidate must answer at least fifty to sixty percent of the questions correctly in each section to pass.
For our course, comprises a GED® pre-test, study guide, preparation information, GED® testing, as well as an opportunity to acquire an online high school diploma.

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GED® Test Prep Tips: Your Roadmap to Success

GED® Test Prep Tips: Your Roadmap to Success

More than 15 million students have taken the General Educational Development (GED®) tests since its introduction in 1942. It is a popular method of earning an equivalent of high school diploma. Simply put, it is a path to college. However, for completing this test successfully, you would require some GED® test prep tips.

Essential GED® Test Prep Tips
Your decision to take the GED® exam is definitely commendable, but the final result will depend on your preparation and clarity of the course concepts. Here are some GED® test prep tips:

Check your State requisites – All 50 states in the U.S. have specific requirements for granting a GED® certificate. By cross-checking these specific requirements, you can avoid wasting your time and money.

Select a study guide – You can obtain your study guide from local bookstores or your library. What is even better than this….you can sign-up for an online GED® prep course.

Create a comfortable study space – This point is crucial, because the chances that you are busy with your kids or job are likely. By creating quiet and comfortable space to study in, you can ensure that you make the most of the time that you devote to your GED® materials.

Content of the test - Before deciding on your study schedule, you must know what to expect in the GED® test. This will help you streamline your study to cover the important topics.

Take an online course – This allows you the freedom to study in a private part of your home. You can find several reputable websites offering the course. Conduct a thorough research before opting for a course.

Write practice tests – As you study, make note of questions you think might be important, this is one of the most time-effective ways of studying so that you don’t need to worry with questions your mind keeps going back to.

As soon as you pass your test, you will find many doors open towards graduation. So contact to find an absolutely free online preparation course and practice tests to help you score well in the final exams.
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Working with the website for the past 2+ years, there is always one thing that has never changed: There are various Colleges that will start working with you today, even before you complete your GED® test. What Colleges want is a person who is determined, success driven and ready to put in the work that it takes to succeed. This is where you play a huge factor in this equation. We have seen many people sign up for our free GED® preparatory course and go on to pass their GED® exam within mere months of finding our online resource, some we have seen reach this goal even sooner than that. Over these  past few years, we have found trusted partners that we work with on a daily basis, who would like to speak with you about your college and career goals. If you would like to request further information from these partners, please use the links below, as this will help you begin your college education once you have gone on to pass the GED® exam.

As always, we are your personal resource and want to give you every opportunity to achieve your educational and career goals.

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Free Online GED® Course

Are you looking for a GED® course that offers complete guidance and covers, at length, the five subjects that are covered in the GED® exam? Then get online and look for the various ways that can help you in cracking the GED® test. While these courses often charge a fee, there are various free online GED® courses as well that can help you save some money and help prepare for your GED® exam.

Picking the Best Free Online GED® Course
When it comes to preparatory courses, the first concern is how comprehensive it is. You cannot study or refer to a source, which, in itself, is not complete. Once done, move on to explanatory sections and look at the details. Being online, there is a lot of multimedia rich courseware that makes learning engaging as well as interactive. Compare the various courses on the basis of how well and effortlessly they help you understand the concepts.

Ensure that the free online GED® course includes sample quizzes and tests as well. Check whether every exercise or chapter has a corresponding sample quiz or test. With these practice quizzes, this allows you to get a detailed overview of your progress and identifies the weak areas for you to focus more on.

The best piece of advice for your GED® test success is to focus on creating a time table and sticking to it. Ensure that the online platform that you choose is available round the clock and has minimum glitches; as you do not want to sit in front of the computer and stare at a blank screen.
Scoring high on all these factors, offers comprehensibility and reliability as a free online GED® course provider. So what are you waiting for? if a wholesome GED® course is what you here for, please visit and sign up….it’s free!

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This program, called the Workforce Investment Act (WIA) funds employment and training programs to prepare people for new jobs. If you are out of work, have sincerely attempted to find a job, or have certain barriers to employment, you can qualify for this free training.

Free GED® Prep Course: A Golden Opportunity to be the Best!

Arizona GED® statistics show that more than 42,000 students who use General Education Development (GED®) testing every year. In fact, one in every five high school graduates in 2009 was a GED® certificate recipient. The free GED® prep course is an ideal way of practicing for the final tests.

Free GED® Prep Course: What is it?
The free GED® prep course is crucial to a candidate seeking a ‘high school diploma alternative’. Such a course will guide the you through an enhancement program, which generally starts with individual assessments. It identifies the individual’s strengths and weaknesses according to the exam requisites.
Prep courses do not need to be taken at brick-and-mortar classrooms. A candidate can make use of books in the local library or may even enroll in a reputed online resource. An online GED® practice course is generally recommended, since it is time and cost effective. The course, from a well-known website, will be free of cost, and will provide an opportunity to practice as many times as possible.

Free GED® Prep Course: Parts of the Exam

A prep program prepares students to excel in the five-part GED® exam, which includes:

•    Language arts reading and writing skills – Fifty questions of sentence revisions, construction as well as corrections must be ideally completed in 75 minutes. One essay question is supposed to be completed in 45 minutes.
•    Language arts and reading – This part contains 50 multiple choice questions that have to be answered in 65 minutes.
•    Science – This category too has 50 multiple choice questions that have to be finished within 80 minutes.
•    Social Studies – This section has 50 multiple choice questions that have to be answered in 80 minutes.
•    Mathematics – Twenty-five multiple choice questions (with and without calculator)

Several programs may also instruct the candidates in test-taking as well as problem-solving skills, in addition to allowing them to practice on sample tests in the exam format.

Most candidates benefit from using the free GED® prep courses before sitting for the GED® test. Free practice tests will help you to formulate ways of answering quickly and precisely. Moreover, you can feel more at ease with the structure of the practice tests.

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Get it Right with Free GED® Education Online!

Arizona Governor - Jan Brewer’s proposal for budget cuts has been painful at best, but the elimination of GED® testing is regarded as a grave disservice to Arizona citizens. In 2008, one-fifth of the total high school diplomas in this state were awarded to GED® pursuers. Without the GED® alternative, most high school drop-outs and economically-weak students would find it difficult to enroll into higher educational institutions and other career options. So, if a crisis is hindering you from attending high school, do not lose hope. Enroll in one of the free GED® education online courses to achieve your educational and career goals.

Facts about Free GED® Education Online:
The decision to prepare for the GED® examination is a very necessary and commendable one, but your success will depend upon GED® online practice tests. We strongly recommend free GED® education online tests over others since you can repeat and re-repeat the course, practice tests and quizzes as many times as you want, without wasting any further money.

The online GED® class offers valuable information regarding the five essential topic areas:

•    Math
•    Language Arts, Reading
•    Language Arts, Writing
•    Social Studies
•    Science

The free GED® education online test preparation course and the practice tests are specially designed for those with ninth-grade education or higher. These tests offer tips and help to develop strategies to perform well on your GED® test. This program is meant for all, including individuals heading towards a career, a college, a home school, or someone who is simply interested in online practice exams.

A common question seems to be whether the free practice tests are actually ‘free’. Yes it is. No payments are required on our site at any point. A reputed site would also contain official links to the free practice tests offered by the GED® Testing Service of the ACE and other related information, such as GED® Test Center locations.

The GED® credential is held absolutely equivalent by colleges and employers. ACE (the company who officially administers the GED® exam) has reported that almost all employers throughout the US offer the very same benefits, salaries as well as advancement opportunities to GED® graduates as they do to its standard high school counterparts. This is the reason why the GED® exam is known as a ‘high school equivalency’ exam. is one of the best and most trusted websites, providing completely free GED® education online tests. For comprehensive information about the website, visit

Tips For Your GED® Success: Part 4

A while ago, released the 3rd of a 4 part blog installment with helpful tips to help you prepare for taking the GED® exam. As you read from our three previous postings, checking your skills,  slowing down, and thinking critically as you prepare for the GED® exam were all explained. We will now give you the last tip in this series that will be very helpful to you come test day!

Chase horses, not zebras. This might sound confusing to some but this saying really means, to look for ordinary answers you would expect given the context. If you see an answer choice that looks really silly or “out there,” you can probably eliminate it in favor of another answer that seems more probable.

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Tips For Your GED® Success: Part 3

A while back, we here at released the 2nd of a 4 part blog installment with helpful tips to help you prepare for taking the GED® exam. As you read from our two previous postings, checking your skills and slowing down as you prepare for the GED® exam was explained. We will now explain a crucial tip that will be very helpful to you come test day!

Think critically. Notice what’s being said…notice what’s not being said that might be relevant…notice what assumptions you might be inclined to make…and especially when reading a sample text, notice what the author’s unspoken perspective (and biases) might be.

Make sure to check back with us soon for the rest of these test tips.

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