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Being able to spell correctly is a very important skill to have for the GED® exam and any standardized test you may take in your life. When communicating in an informal fashion, being a great speller is not as necessary, but if you begin to work on your vocabulary and your ability to correctly spell and define the words that you do know, you will greatly improve your ability to communicate clearly through written documents and vastly increase your score on the GED® test.

Vocabulary and spelling poses a particular challenge for those of us that have come to the U.S. from other countries. This means that focusing on the correct spelling of different words is even more important, especially when it comes to writing your essay for the Writing II section and answering the writing questions in the Writing I section.

Here we will provide a list of the most frequently misspelled GED® words. Regardless of your spelling level, you should look over the words and think about which words you honestly know how to spell and which ones you do not. Print out the words or copy them down onto flash cards. Study them and then have a friend or family member quiz you.

The list may seem very long, but itís likely that you already know how to spell some of these words. If you try to learn the spelling of 10 words per day, youíll greatly improve the likelihood of doing well on the writing part of the GED® test.




A lot, ability, absence, absent, abundance, accept, acceptable, accident, accommodate, accompanied, accomplish, accumulation, accuse, accustomed, ache, achieve, achievement, acknowledge, acquaintance, acquainted, acquire, across, address, addressed, adequate, advantage, advantageous, advertise, advertisement, advice, advisable, advise, advisor, aerial, affect, affectionate, again, against, aggravate, aggressive, agree, aisle, alright, almost, already, although, altogether, always, amateur, American, among, amount, analysis, analyze, angel, angle, annual, another, answer, antiseptic, anxious, apologize, apparatus, apparent, appear, appearance, appetite, application, apply, appreciate, appreciation, approach, appropriate, approval, approve, approximate, argue, arguing, argument, arouse, arrange, arrangement, article, artificial, ascend, assistance, assistant, associate, association, attempt, attendance, attention, audience, August, author, automobile, autumn, auxiliary, available, avenue, awful, awkward


bachelor, balance, balloon, bargain, basic, beautiful, because, become, before, beginning, being, believe, benefit, benefited, between, bicycle, board, bored, borrow, bottle, bottom, boundary, brake, breadth, breath, breathe, brilliant, building, bulletin, bureau, burial, buried, bury, bushes, business


cafeteria, calculator, calendar, campaign, capital, capitol, captain, career, careful, careless, carriage, carrying, category, ceiling, cemetery, cereal, certain, changeable, characteristic, charity, chief, choose, chose, cigarette, circumstance, citizen, clothes, clothing, coarse, coffee, collect, college, column, comedy, comfortable, commitment, committed, committee, communicate, company, comparative, compel, competent, competition, compliment, conceal, conceit, conceivable, conceive, concentration, conception, condition, conference, confident, congratulate, conquer, conscience, conscientious, conscious, consequence, consequently, considerable, consistency, consistent, continual, continuous, controlled, controversy, convenience, convenient, conversation, corporal, corroborate, council, counsel, counselor, courage, courageous, course, courteous, courtesy, criticism, criticize, crystal, curiosity, cylinder


daily, daughter, daybreak, death, deceive, December, deception, decide, decision, decisive, deed, definite, delicious, dependent, deposit, derelict, descend, descent, describe, description, desert, desirable, despair, desperate, dessert, destruction, determine, develop, development, device, dictator, died, difference, different, dilemma, dinner, direction, disappear, disappoint, disappointment, disapproval, disapprove, disastrous, discipline, discover, discriminate, disease, dissatisfied, dissection, dissipate, distance, distinction, division, doctor, dollar, doubt, dozen


earnest, easy, ecstasy, ecstatic, education, effect, efficiency, efficient, eight, either, eligibility, eligible, eliminate, embarrass, embarrassment, emergency, emphasis, emphasize, enclosure, encouraging, endeavor, engineer, English, enormous, enough, entrance, envelope, environment, equipment, equipped, especially, essential, evening, evident, exaggerate, exaggeration, examine, exceed, excellent, except, exceptional, exercise, exhausted, exhaustion, exhilaration, existence, exorbitant, expense, experience, experiment, explanation, extreme


facility, factory, familiar, fascinate, fascinating, fatigue, February, financial, financier, flourish, forcibly, forehead, foreign, formal, former, fortunate, fourteen, fourth, frequent, friend, frightening, fundamental, further


gallon, garden, gardener, general, genius, government, governor, grammar, grateful, great, grievance, grievous, grocery, guarantee, guess, guidance


half, hammer, handkerchief, happiness, healthy, heard, heavy, height, heroes, heroine, hideous, himself, hoarse, holiday, hopeless, hospital, humorous, hurried, hurrying


ignorance, imaginary, imbecile, imitation, immediately, immigrant, incidental, increase, independence, independent, indispensable, inevitable, influence, influential, initiate, innocence, inoculate, inquiry, insistent, instead, instinct, integrity, intellectual, intelligence, intercede, interest, interfere, interference, interpreted, interrupt, invitation, irrelevant, irresistible, irritable, island, its, itís, itself


January, jealous, journal, judgment


kindergarten, kitchen, knew, knock, know, knowledge


labor, laboratory, laid, language, later, latter, laugh, leisure, length, lesson, library, license, light, lightning, likelihood, likely, literal, literature, livelihood, loaf, loneliness, loose, lose, losing, loyal, loyalty


magazine, maintenance, maneuver, marriage, married, marry, match, material, mathematics, measure, medicine, million, miniature, minimum, miracle, miscellaneous, mischief, mischievous, misspelled, mistake, momentous, monkey, monotonous, moral, morale, mortgage, mountain, mournful, muscle, mysterious, mystery


narrative, natural, necessary, needle, negligence, neighbor, neither, newspaper, newsstand, niece, noticeable


oíclock, obedient, obstacle, occasion, occasional, occur, occurred, occurrence, ocean, offer, often, omission, omit, once, operate, opinion, opportune, opportunity, optimist, optimistic, origin, original, oscillate, ought, ounce, overcoat


paid, pamphlet, panicky, parallel, parallelism, particular, partner, pastime, patience, peace, peaceable, pear, peculiar, pencil, people, perceive, perception, perfect, perform, performance, perhaps, period, permanence, permanent, perpendicular, perseverance, persevere, persistent, personal, personality, personnel, persuade, persuasion, pertain, picture, piece, plain, playwright, pleasant, please, pleasure, pocket, poison, policeman, political, population, portrayal, positive, possess, possession, possessive, possible, post office, potatoes, practical, prairie, precede, preceding, precise, predictable, prefer, preference, preferential, preferred, prejudice, preparation, prepare, prescription, presence, president, prevalent, primitive, principal, principle, privilege, probably, procedure, proceed, produce, professional, professor, profitable, prominent, promise, pronounce, pronunciation, propeller, prophet, prospect, psychology, pursue, pursuit


quality, quantity, quarreling, quart, quarter, quiet, quite


raise, realistic, realize, reason, rebellion, recede, receipt, receive, recipe, recognize, recommend, recuperate, referred, rehearsal, reign, relevant, relieve, remedy, renovate, repeat, repetition, representative, requirements, resemblance, resistance, resource, respectability, responsibility, restaurant, rhythm, rhythmical, ridiculous, right, role, roll, roommate


sandwich, Saturday, scarcely, scene, schedule, science, scientific, scissors, season, secretary, seize, seminar, sense, separate, service, several, severely, shepherd, sheriff, shining, shoulder, shriek, siege, sight, signal, significance, significant, similar, similarity, sincerely, site, soldier, solemn, sophomore, soul, source, souvenir, special, specified, specimen, speech, stationary, stationery, statue, stockings, stomach, straight, strength, strenuous, stretch, striking, studying, substantial, succeed, successful, sudden, superintendent, suppress, surely, surprise, suspense, sweat, sweet, syllable, symmetrical, sympathy, synonym


technical, telegram, telephone, temperament, temperature, tenant, tendency, tenement, therefore, thorough, through, title, together, tomorrow, tongue, toward, tragedy, transferred, treasury, tremendous, tries, truly, twelfth, twelve, tyranny


undoubtedly, United States, university, unnecessary, usual, useful, usual


vacuum, valley, valuable, variety, vegetable, vein, vengeance, versatile, vicinity, vicious, view, village, villain, visitor, voice, volume


waist, weak, wear, weather, Wednesday, week, weigh, weird, whether, which, while, whole, wholly, whose, wretched

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