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In summary, remember these 7 different strategies for essay writing:

1. Show how a procedure or process works, step-by-step.

2. Compare or contrast two or more things to show similarities or differences.

3. Identify a problem and then explain how to solve it.

4. Analyze or classify an idea to indicate how it is put together or how it works.

5. Explain why something produces a specific result or set of results.

6. Describe individual characteristics of a place, person, time or idea.

7. Define what something is or the meaning of an idea.

These seven basic strategies are crucial for keeping your writing organized and persuasive. When writing your essay, pick the strategy that corresponds best to the information you are given and the best way for you to prove your point.

Given that you only have 45 minutes to write the essay, you should try to follow a loosely timed plan for the five steps you have to complete. This will ensure that you complete every step, giving your finished essay the best possible foundation for excellence!

1. Pre-write, plan, outline - 5 minutes

2. Rough draft - 15 minutes

3. Organize, paragraph, topic sentences - 10 minutes

4. Polish, edit - 5-10 minutes

5. Proofread - 2-5 minutes

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