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GED® Language Arts Test

The GED® Test assesses a student’s ability in the following 5 areas:

Language Arts, Writing
Social Studies
Language Arts, Reading

The Language Arts, Writing Test has two parts. Part I contains 50 multiple-choice questions that require the candidate to revise and edit workplace, "how to," and informational documents. Part II assesses the candidate’s ability to write an essay about a familiar topic. The scores earned on both parts are combined and reported as a single score.

The Language Arts, Reading Test is a passage-based, multiple-choice test that measures a candidate’s ability to comprehend and interpret workplace and academic reading selections and to apply those interpretations to new contexts.

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The Social Studies Test contains 50 multiple-choice questions, Most of the test questions are based on written and visual texts drawn from a variety of sources, including academic and workplace texts, as well as primary and secondary sources. The information provided maybe one or more paragraphs, a chart, table, graph, map, photograph, cartoon, or figure. In every case, to answer the questions in the Social Studies Test, the candidate must understand, apply, analyze, or evaluate the information provided.

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The Science Test consists of 50 multiple-choice questions. The Test questions require you to understand, interpret, or apply information that is provided on the test or that is learned through life experience. The information may be a paragraph, chart, table, graph, map, or figure.

The Mathematics Test is divided into two equally weighted parts, each containing 25 questions. On Part I of the test, the candidate may use a calculator to compute answers. Because estimation and mental math are critical skills, he or she is not permitted to use the calculator on Part II of the test. A math formulae’s page is provided for your reference during the test. There’s nothing better that you could ask for!













GED Reading & Writing Test

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