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GED® Preparation

The GED® Preparation program is for adults who lack a high school diploma, have good reading skills and need to prepare to take the GED® test to earn a high school equivalency certificate. The GED® Preparation classes offer integrated instruction in the five areas covered on the GED® test: Social Studies, Science, interpreting literature and the Arts, Mathematics, and writing skills. offers a wide range of multimedia materials to assist students with GED® test preparation or to improve their basic skills in reading, writing, English, spelling, vocabulary, mathematics, arithmetic, life skills and problem solving. These preparatory materials are designed in such a way that they complete the study at a convenient pace.

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GED® Pre Tests are taken to indicate whether a student is prepared to participate in the formal GED® test. If a student does not score sufficiently to pass the pre test, additional preparation will be needed. These GED® pre tests help the students to evaluate their GED® exam readiness in the respective subjects. The course is open-entry, so you may begin at any time. They are Individualized Instruction, so you will work at your own pace with help from friendly, supportive tutors.

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Like the official GED® test, the pre test has five areas. It contains similar types of multiple-choice questions, but there are about half as many questions as the official test. The contents of the pre-test are:
Language Arts, Writing
Part I
Part II essay of approximately 250 words
Social Studies
Language Arts, Reading













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