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More than 13 Million people have benefited from the Online GED® Program. The GED® Tests are the five (5) tests of General Educational Development. The GED® Testing Service of the American Council on Education makes them available to adults who did not graduate from high school.

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When candidates complete the GED® Program by passing the GED® Tests, they receive a certificate or diploma that is regarded as equivalent to a high school diploma. Employers in private industry and government, as well as admission offices in colleges and universities accept the GED® certificate as they would a high school diploma.

The GED® Tests cover the same subjects that people study in high school. The five subjects include: Language Arts Writing and Language Arts Reading (which together are equivalent to high school English), Social Studies, Science and Mathematics. Candidates are not required to know all of the information that is usually taught in high school; however, across the five tests, candidates are tested on their ability to read and process information, solve problems, and communicate effectively.

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There are many places for receiving training on cracking the GED® test. offers these training methods for free to all the GED® credential aspirants. also has an Online Help which will answer all the questions regarding the GED® tests. The online help will give training to the candidates regarding the GED® Tests and help them prepare for it. If you are still not a graduate, become one right away!









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